COVID Update: I'm mostly taking online students at the moment, but am open to talking about in-person lessons too. 

I'm currently accepting students at my studio in Williamsburg (60 N 1st, Brooklyn) . Lessons online are available too. All level are welcome!

Every student has different needs -- tell me about your story! Your musical tastes, your background and what would you like to learn, so I can help you in your journey with drums!

If you are total beginner  (you've never picked up a pair of sticks,  and wants to experiment what it feels to be a drummer and even more important, connect with music behind a drumset) - or someone more advanced  (you are looking to evolve as a drummer and push your limits - work on hand/foot technique, extend your vocabulary in different styles, improve your sense of time and feel, develop your independence, improve your reading and explore more advanced concepts like metric modulation, odd time signatures, soloing, etc and be more comfortable expressing yourself behind a drumset)  just contact and we will make it happen. 

I also invite you to check out  my Instagram account, where I'm posting short clips of drum licks and ideas (and sometimes a closer look of  other student's lessons). I'm also posting longer videos on my Facebook and Youtube Channel if you want to explore even more ideas. (you can find a Drum lick compilation on the VIDEOS section)

For rates, availability and any other questions, please go to the CONTACT section, or just send me an email to: cornejo.david@gmail.com



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